Key Solutions Portfolio

Solutions that generated high business value for companies I worked with.

Does not represent all companies I worked with and all the projects I managed.

Collage Group

SaaS market research company focused on multicultural insights, working with Fortune 500 companies

Key Solutions

GPT-4 based Open-Ended Research: Designed and developed a cloud-based Python application leveraging GPT-4 for sentiment analysis and insights generation from open-ended customer research survey responses. The project processes answers in both Spanish and English, providing tailored analysis recommendations for client presentations and delivering demographic-specific sentiment analyses, streamlining impactful insights across profiles. Case Example I used this for: How did Hispanic Women felt about this Fortune-100 Brand Ad, and which are the top 3 critics they have?

Feature Engineering Pipeline: Developed a stream of Machine Learning algorithms and Statistical Models to evaluate importance of variables in Research Studies and enable recommendations to brands based on characteristics that drive success on their products and advertising. Using methods such as Regression for Feature Engineering, Multiple Correspondence Analysis, Relative Weights Importance and others, I was able to design a tool that helps Research Managers on delivering key characteristics on the studies that impact the result expected. Case Example I worked on as a Consultant: Which are the aspects of someone's identity that impacts the most the purchase intention of this Fortune-500 Brand? 

Slang - The Language of Professionals

SaaS EdTech focused on AI-powered professional English learning

Key Solutions

Salesforce Enablement: Designed and developed the entire Salesforce CRM for 80 people to use, using advanced flows, validation rules, data modelling and more, allowing a seamless integration with Snowflake and Click House with an ELT architecture to allow fast changes due to new fields and automations.

Go-to-Market Recommendation Model: Developed a robust recommendation model with relational tables, that generated actionable insights on the optimal sales prospecting proportion by analysing multiple features directly in the Database and ranking importance of each feature in conversion to a sale. Allowing them to prospect accounts 5 times faster and improving the conversion from prospect to pipeline creation in 80% YoY.

Automated CAC Model: Created an automated Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) model in the database that calculated all metrics around the LTV:CAC ratio and provided category-specific insights, enabling data-oriented decision-making on lead generation strategies and resource allocation.

Integrated Finance Model: Developed the automation of the phase-out process from Sales to Finance, establishing an end-to-end system for analytics on Unit Economics and SaaS metrics. This streamlined financial operations and facilitated informed business decisions on customer activation, net dollar retention and logo retention, saving at least 20 monthly work hours from the finance team.

Digital Marketing Structure Integration: Orchestrated the integration of an entire digital marketing infrastructure, ranging from Google Tag Manager to advanced analytics with a taxonomy system that integrated all paid media platforms. Resulted in improved marketing performance and consolidating Marketing as a Lead Generation source in the company by reaching 3.5x more qualified leads in H1-2023 than the totality of 2022.

Orbe Consultoria Internacional

Consulting Services focused on market research for export and trade

Key Solutions

OKRs System Design: Designed the entire Objective Key Results (OKR) tracker, the logic and spread the culture of data-oriented decision-making in the company. Since 2021 I keep giving trainings to the new generations of leaders in the company in terms of business planning and strategy.

Market Intelligence Consulting: Helped to take the company out of bankruptcy by reaching 154% more than the revenue goal with paid media and marketing campaigns, with a 52% higher average ticket by project executed in comparison to the previous year. Lead the sales and marketing teams and won 3 Awards for high growth in the EJ's environment.